Viktoria Ikonen (b. 1986)

The State Academy of Art and Design in St. Petersburg
(the Mukhina Arts Academy), 2010


ArtHelsinki International Contemporary art fair, Helsinki, Finland
"Start in art" group exhibition, K35 gallery, Moscow, Russia
Forest" group exhibition, Artreflex gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia
Contemporary Istanbul art fair, Istanbul, Turkey
Biq group exhibition, G-art gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
"Open studios" group exhibition, GlogauAir, Berlin, Germany
"Borders and boundaries" biq group exhibition, Mixer gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
"Something real" solo exhibition, Mart gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia
"Vistavkom"  juried group exhibition of young artists, Artists' Union hall, St. Petersburg, Russia
Rotterdam International Art Fair, Laurenskerk, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
"Paintings/maalauksia" Aatto and Elli, Joutsa, Finland, July 2014
"Bonart painting exhibition" group exhibition, Bonart art gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
"Haihatus international"  group exhibition, Haihatus art centre, Joutsa, Finland
"Open studios"  CanSerrat International art center, Barcelona, Spain
"The sea inside is always deep blue" art project/exhibition, Halka art gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
"Hope"  group exhibition, Holy cafe, Istanbul, Turkey
"Vistavkom"  juried group exhibition of young artists, Artists' Union hall, St. Petersburg, Russia
"Muu maa/ other country"  Haihatus summer exhibition, Joutsa, Finland
"400th anniversary of Romanovs family"  juried group exhibition, Artists' Union hall, St.Petersburg, Russia
Group exhibition of young artists, MART gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia,


GlogauAIR, Berlin, Germany
Haihatus Art Center, Joutsa, Finland
Recipient of a Support Stipend for a month residency in Can Serrat, Barcelona, Spain
Halka art residency, Istanbul, Turkey
Haihatus Art Center, Joutsa, Finland


Open studios catalogue, GlogauAir Berlin
"Mixer 11" exhibition catalogue, gallery Mixer, Istanbul
"Vistavkom" Catalogue for group exhibition of young artists, St. Petersburg Artists' Union, St. Petersburg
 Rotterdam International Art Fair 2014 Official Catalogue, Rotterdam